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LinkedIn India Reaches 10 Million Users

Social and job networking, LinkedIn has just announced that they have reached 100 Million users globally. Of those 100 million users, 33.4 million users are from the United States, and India has just reached its “10 million users” milestone.

While traditional job networking sites such as Monster and Naukri slowly fall behind, LinkedIn is receiving a growing awareness amongst Indians and it appears to be THE place to network in the white collar realm.

Hopefully LinkedIn India’s numbers will reach Facebook India’s user-base of nearly 30 million people. For a job networking site, however, the numbers are quite good, and the video shown below commemorates the 10 million milestone, the company has faced in India.

According to LinkedIn’s press release, some of the following statistics were shared with the rest of the world, giving some insight on LinkedIn India’s user-base:

  • Top 10 surnames on LinkedIn include are Kumar, Singh, Sharma, Gupta, Jain, Shah, Patel, Mishra, Reddy and Yadav
  • Top 10 industries on LinkedIn are Information Technology and Services, Computer Software, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Education Management, Banking, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics and Accounting
  • 16105 professionals listed the term ‘social media’ in their profiles
  • 19027 people in Indian listed ‘bollywood’, ‘hollywood’ or ‘film’ in their LinkedIn profile
  • 762 Indian professionals listed ‘yoga’ and 2587 professionals listed ‘ayurveda’ in their job title
  • 4% of members in India put the word ‘owner’ in their title

Photo Courtesy of kinshuk