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Nokia E6 Hits Philippines

The Nokia E6 has just his the electronics market in the Philippines for a lower than expected price of 17,820.00 Php or about $408 USD for those who wish not to whip out a currency converter. The E6 is of course powered by Symbian’s Anna operating system.

Even though it runs Symbian, die-hard Nokia enthusiasts will most likely take the hit. The device itself is quite beautiful and makes a great touchscreen alternative to typical Nokia phones. The Nokia E6 is also Wifi capable, with bluetooth 3.0 functionality, allowing you to connect with other devices.

For example, the Nokia E6 can pair with a Bluetooth enabled laptop, allowing the two devices to “talk to eachother”, synchronize calendars, etc.

The phone also packs an 8MP camera making sure you have top-of-the-line equipment to take the clearest shots on those spur-of-the-moment vacations. Check out our fan page at facebook.com/techmento and let us know what you think. Has Nokia passed its prime with Symbian or does the duo still have a bit more to offer? Your thoughts are welcomed! In the meantime, check out Nokia’s commercial below for more news on the E6.

Photo Courtesy of technoodling
Photo Courtesy of cjeff