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Sega Gets Hacked- 1.3 Million Accounts Compromised

Sega Corporation, the massive videogame manufacturer said on Friday that there was a massive hack to Sega’s network, compromising data from 1.3 million customers. Fortunately, no bank information was stolen as that info is stored on a different system.

This comes after the Sony hack, Xbox hack, and Nintendo hack, leaving little doubt at the next possible targets, most likely video game corporations. Of the stolen information, names, birth dates, e-mails, encrypted passwords.

Sega said they were “Deeply sorry for causing trouble” to customers which is a nice shift from a Microsoft approach of denial, as what happened for the xbox hack. The hack, no doubt came from the group of hackers, Lulzsecurity.

LulzSec claim that they are helping these companies realize gaps in their security system, although, if that were true, one would wonder why LulzSec releases the stolen data to the public. It seems that a bigger goal is to create mass chaos in the cyberspace, and it doesn’t seem like much is done by it.

Sony has already called in the FBI to investigate but it appears that the LulzSec hack with Sony went without a trail. I really hope these goons are caught, but the question is, how? I’d like to see something being done about this mess.

Photo Courtesy of onercelen
Photo Courtesy of garnet