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10,000 Year Clock Being Built

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is helping to fund a special project that will make a clock tick for 10,000 years, embedded inside a mountain. The project involves thinkers, inventors, and investors, and the idea is for the clock to tick once a year, keeping time for the next 10,000 years.

The clock will most likely be installed in a chamber within a cave deep in the Sierra Diablo Mountains in West Texas. The clock was originally thought by the inventor, Danny Hillis and a non-profit group called the Long Now Foundation.

Bezos claims that it is supposed to represent a symbol for long-term thinking. Since there are many variables in weather, especially, what the weather will be like thousands of years from now, the clock will remain safe in the cave. Unless, of course, Texas is under water by then.

Meanwhile, Seattle Solstice has developed a saw that will cut the spiral staircase out of stone in the Clock chamber. I don’t know about you, but to me, this sounds like an awesome level of the next mario videogame-called the Cavernous ClockTower.

Drop us a few comments whether you think this is a cool new project or a complete waste of financial resources, we want to hear your thoughts! You can see Danny Hillis give a hour-long lecture about the 10,000 year clock in the video below.

Photo Courtesy of laughingsquid
Photo Courtesy of telstar