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AT&T Unleashes $50 Unlimited GoPhone Prepaid Plan

If you’re fan of T-Mobile’s unlimited talk, text, and web, but can’t afford to shell out $79.99 a month, you may have considered rolling with Boost Mobile. Boost is now offering unlimited talk, text, and web for $35 a month, which is a steal if you are in a well-covered area.

Well it looks like you have one more option for your unlimited fix. AT&T has just announced a new GoPhone pre-paid service plan that is a $50 per month unlimited plan, offering unlimited talk, text, and web.

Before you go crazy and assume that AT&T has finally become reasonable with its charges, note that this plan is ONLY available on select phones (hint: no smartphones).

They do this for a couple reasons. First, if they had this pre-paid plan on all phones, nobody would sign up for contracts anymore. Second, AT&T wouldn’t be able to bank on its expensive data plans for its “web friendly” devices. Third, this is probably just a promotion to get new customers to try out AT&T’s service and hopefully become a long-term repeat customer.

In any case, you can bank on this deal online, over the phone, or in-store, so grab your keys and head on over to the nearest AT&T if you want to give this plan a shot. You can get a phone for as low as $9.99 when you sign up today.

Photo Courtesy of att
Photo Courtesy of att

  • Kmo

    Hi, what is the model of the phone in the top picture?