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Awesome Samsung Fridge With Built-In Tablet

We’ve covered a couple of interactive refrigerators, but this new Samsung LCD fridge is just full of awesome. The fridge comes with a built-in notepad application that lets you leave notes for yourself to remember to fulfill your daily list of errands.

Users will also be able to launch Epicurious and look for recipes for ideas on what to plan for dinner. What’s cool is the sheer number of uses this fridge has. Rather than staring at a full pot of water waiting to boil, you can swipe through your recent vacation photos through Picasa or check to see if you’ve received any new e-mails.

Okay, sure you can do all this stuff on any portable computer, or even your smartphone, but don’t you want to look cool in front of the neighbors? Now, these interactive fridges are fairly new, and since it basically has a computer built-in, they don’t come cheap!

The side-by-side model is prices at $2,700 with the four-door French model going for a whopping $3,500. After seeing the price tag, you may have decided that you’ll wait a year or two when the prices halve, and that’s totally understandable.

Photo Courtesy of ubergizmo
Photo Courtesy of laptopmag