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Best Buy Prepares To Launch Cloud Music Service

Best Buy is getting ready to officially launch its own Music Cloud service, which aims to compete against Amazon’s Cloud Player, Google Music, and Apple’s iCloud. With the new music service, users can stream their favorite tunes to multiple devices.

Music can be streamed to desktop computers, phones, tablets, you name it. Users can also save songs locally to devices for offline play which is expected to be a popular feature with high data prices from select carriers *cough* AT&T *cough*.

The only drawback to Best Buy’s service is that users will have to upload their own music. The company’s new cloud music storage system is powered by Catch Media’s PlayAnywhere technology and will work with iOS devices, BlackBerry phones, and Android smartphones.

The lite version will be available for free with the pro version, offering more features and storage, at a monthly fee. Now, before you get excited that there is a free version, do not that you will only be able to hear the first 30 seconds of each song you own, making it a useless service unless you upgrade. At the time, Mac and PC users will only be able to connect through their iTunes library, rather than a standard folder where users can drag-and-drop content.

Hopefully this is just a pre-build setup and Best Buy will change this to be more universal. After all, it would kind of suck to install iTunes just to upload some music to the cloud. If you’re like me, you don’t want anything extra installed on your computer unless you plan on using it on a regular basis.

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