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Grand Theft Auto 5, Well Under Way

According to GameSpot, sources close to Take-Two Interactive subsidiary have confirmed to GameSpot that the next Grand Theft Auto is well under way, predicting a 2012 release. The sources wouldn’t give any further information over the project, however a recent set of casting calls from a talent agency (to do voice-overs) point to Los-Angeles as the main setting for the game.

If you’re unfamiliar with Grand Theft Auto, it’s a very popular shoot-em-up series where the main character completes gang-like missions, steal cars, establishes relationships, and earns money through successful missions.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the hottest selling games on console and is now available on the PC for those with the latest and greatest graphics cards. With the previous GTA selling over 20 million copies by March 2011, the next GTA has a lot to live up to.

I am hoping that the game will run on a new graphics engine than the previous, but I am just a tech enthusiast, always looking for the next big thing, and high-end graphics always seem to sweep me off my feet.

If I had to guess a date, I would say Summer 2012, at a price of $59.99 for console and maybe $49.99 for PC. At that price, hopefully they will not charge for any downloadable content! Check out the trailer below for the current GTA4.

Photo Courtesy of pseudo
Photo Courtesy of radiobread