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Improv Electronics Announces New Digital Note Taker

Improv Electronics has just announced some new tweaks and changes to its Boogie Board LCD writing tablet. This version has a larger screen, binder-friendly casing, and an accessory for the original 8.5″ screen so you can attach it to a fridge door.

Boogie boards, aren’t the water boards you are thinking of for going to the beach. They’re temporary note-takers that were designed as a digital replacement for note pads. Users can erase whatever is written on the screen with a touch of a button.

The board ships July 1st and offers nearly twice as much writing surface than previously available. The new screen offers 10.5 inches of note-writing real-estate and requires two AAA batteries. The biggest size costs $60. Going down in size is the 8.5″ model, weighing 5.5 ounces and is prices at $45.

Finally, if you’re looking to spend just a bit less, you can purchase the original 8.5″ Boogie Board for $19.95, and use the stationary mini-white board with reversible cork, able to house magnetic paper notes, as well. For many, school is starting in a few months, buy the perfect gift for any child to go back to school, or maybe a notepad for yourself to make sure not to forget that dentist appointment coming up!

Photo Courtesy of gizmag
Photo Courtesy of gizmag