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Nokia’s First Windows 7 Phones Due Later This Year

The Finnish cellphone maker, Nokia will introduce its first smartphones with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system later this year. Nokia has been around for quite some time in the mobile world and have a long reputation of attaching itself to the Symbian operating system.

Although Symbian was a solid mobile operating system ten years ago, it fails to meet the intuitive feel of both iOS, Windows Phone 7, and Android. Thus, the announcement of integrating Windows Phone 7 in the new Nokia smartphones are sure to make a number of people smile.

We might see one or two Windows Phone 7 Nokia models rise up later this year with the bulk of them hitting stores in 2012 (boy, that sounds like a futuristic year!).

On Tuesday, the cellphone manufacturer revealed its Nokia N9 smartphone, based on the MeeGo platform. The company also has plans to launch up to ten new Symbian-based smartphones over the next year, so I guess old habits die hard.

Nokia developed MeeGo last year in a partnership between Intel but is planning on using Windows Phone 7 as its main operating system going forward next year. Hopefully this will be the last batch of Symbian phones we’ll ever have to see.

Photo Courtesy of ClintonJeff
Photo Courtesy of clintonjeff