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Paper-Thin Sheet Measures Battery Life

Although most smartphones and tablets have built-in rechargeable batteries, there are still many electronics that run on the tried and true AA or AAA batteries. From inexpensive cameras to other types of electronics, batteries are still necessary.

Rechargeable batteries are great because you can just plug them in a wall-charger and not have to repeatedly buy packs and packs of batteries, draining your bank account. But how do you know if your batteries need a recharging?

A man by the name of Wang Gang has recently designed a Digital Measuring Paper that measures how much life is left in batteries, and it is very simple to use.

The material is made of a soft OLED screen and paper-thin IC strip. Users simply lay the strip onto the battery as if applying a piece of tape and you can instantly see how much energy a battery has left.

With these strips, you’ll know the optimal time to slam those batteries into that wall-charger or, if you’re on vacation, whether or not to buy a secondary disposable camera if your batteries are running low.

Although, since the strips are nearly transparent, it seems like they would be quite easy to lose. I’d recommend storing the strips in a special container like a sunglasses case. No clue on when we can see these roll out through wide-scale production, but we will keep you posted.

Photo Courtesy of techiser
Photo Courtesy of techiser