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Plants Vs Zombies Arrives On Windows Phone 7

Plants vs Zombies is an awesome game that was first introduced to Android as a tower-defense type game. Instead of your standard tower defense game however, the player strategically places sunflowers on a lawn which generate sun energy to be used to “purchase” weapons (A.K.A peashooters).

The peashooters shoot peas (go figure) at the slowly approaching zombies until they fall over and perish. It’s a great children’s game, but I know a few adults who are into it too.

The game is now available on Windows Phone 7 and will probably be one of those classics up there in the hall of fame with Angry Birds. The game has sold over 3 million copies during its launch week and continues to be a huge success.

As an infrequent mobile gamer, I find that cool games like these are hard to come by. Most mobile games have you bored after a short period of time, which is why the majority of my gaming involves 3D shooters on the PC platform.

Hopefully developers will catch onto this idea of “simplistic design” and continue designing awesome games for smartphone users to enjoy, worldwide–even on those coffee breaks at work. Here are some videos to keep you glued.

Photo Courtesy of mahmut
Photo Courtesy of clintonjeff