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Verizon Cancels ‘Unlimited Data’ Plan

Verizon Wireless will join AT&T and T-Mobile, starting next month, by eliminating ‘unlimited data’ plans for mobile phones. Users will have to fork over additional money for fees in excess of their monthly allotment of media and web content.

With the huge influx of tablet PCs and wireless carriers getting stingier by the day, who knows what kind of an effect we will see on tablet PC sales. Will people mainly buy tablets to use on their own WiFi networks?

According to CNN, a spokesperson for Verizon confirmed that Verizon will move to more of a usage-based model in July for its smartphone data plans. The spokesperson, Brenda Raney claimed the change was minor.

Now, if you are already covered under an unlimited plan, don’t worry- your plan will be valid until your contract is up. Unfortunately however, all new users (and those renewing their contracts) will suffer the tiered price plans.

Will this cause people to flock over to Sprint, or do you guys think Sprint will do the same soon? I’ve never liked the idea of Big Business limited options of the everyday consumer, and I am quite put off by this new change.

If Internet companies begin downsizing their “data plans”, I will be furious. Please visit us at facebook.com/techmento or follow us on Twitter (@techmento) and let us know your thoughts on this recent change.

Photo Courtesy of laughingsquid
Photo Courtesy of ninja