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View Two Websites At Once, On Your New Tablet

Most tablets that run Android Honeycomb have a large 10″ screen, some even with impressive 1280 x 800 pixel displays. While websites look great on high resolution screens like these, some may find it more useful to have two windows running side by side.

The default Android web browser doesn’t support this dual-pane feature, however, there is a third party browser for Android tablets that does, and it’s called the DualWeb browser, allowing users to see two websites at once.

This means you can have all eyes on your Facebook page while browsing as you normally would. The feature only works while the tablet is in landscape mode, and the app reverts you to ‘one page at a time’ when in portrait mode.

If this all sounds too technical for you, don’t worry. The user interface is quite simple. You can open a new page by tapping the half of the screen where you want to see the web page and simply hit the Browser menu to bring up the address bar. Navigation buttons include the standard home, forward, back, refresh, and exit buttons.

The browser is a little slower than the default Android browser, but for being the first two-pan web browser, you can’t complain. You can download it through your phone at the marketplace.

Photo Courtesy of Android
Photo Courtesy of carsten