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Apple’s Touchscreen Patent Approved!

Apple has recently been granted a patent related to its capacitive touchscreen which was first introduced to the original iPhone over three years ago. The patent secures Apple’s gestures and gives the computer manufacturer full rights on its display over the iPhone, iPad, and iPod product line.

This may make other manufacturers like Samsung a bit nervous if their phone designs are anywhere near Apple’s. Lawsuits are very common in the tech industry, and pointing fingers becomes a game when it comes to new products.

We’re not sure if Apple is going to use the new patent approval to begin bullying other competitors or if they will continue about their business, but knowing Apple, I vote for the former.

Florian Mueller, a patent commenter believes that Apple can use the new patent to stifle competition amongst others in the industry. Although, technically, infringement only begins when the replica contains all the characteristics as the original build, not just some of the characteristics.

I just hope this doesn’t mean the end of the “pinch to zoom” feature that was first invented on the iPhone but later used for Android cellphones. I hope the courts won’t tip the scale too much with this new order. Check us out at facebook.com/techmento or follow us @techmento and let us know what you think. In the meantime, check out Apple’s iPad 2 commercial below.

Photo Courtesy of pedro
Photo Courtesy of techshownetwork