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Australian Web Host Hacked- 4,800 Sites Unrecoverable

It doesn’t take very long before we hear about a new hack that has occurred and it looks like LulzSec isn’t the only one causing mayhem on the Interwebz. According to siliconfilter, Australian domain registrar and web host Distribute.IT was the victim of a “deliberate, premeditated, and targeted attack” on its services.

The hackers managed to destroy so much information that 4,800 websites that relied upon Distribute.IT’s servers are now unrecoverable. Just like that, all uploaded website data (coding, comments, blogs, users, forums,) gone.

Although website owners typically have the bulk of their website data stored on their computer which had been uploaded to the web, all user-generated content is typically not backed up by site owners and therefore is gone for good.

What’s worse, Distribute.IT doesn’t backup their files nor have the “resources” to transfer the 4,800 domains and accounts to other parts of the platform, and are now directing customers to other hosting sites.

Although companies typically back up their site data, much of Distribute.IT’s customers were small business owners who had little to no technical expertise and had relied on their web host to take care of the backups, which, unfortunately, wasn’t being done. It’s definitely a hard lesson learned for all those folks out there and I wish them the best.

Photo Courtesy of alan
Photo Courtesy of Firefish