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Hulu Going For Sale?

According to anonymous reports and various sources, the television and movie streaming service, Hulu, has received an unexpected offer to acquire the company. According to the Wall Street Journal, Hulu is weighing offers on whether or not to sell the company.

However, working as an Assistant Editor at Hulu during its launch phase, I know that the company was funded entirely by both Fox and NBC in what was originally joint venture startup.

The company has billions of dollars of funding backing it up. It’s not your typical startup with a small office that has reached exponential growth. It was, from the get-go, a highly powered and highly funded startup.

Some analysts believe Yahoo will make the offer. I highly doubt it. If Hulu were to sell, it would have to be for a heck of a lot more than its worth right now as it’s the only business that takes a compilation of all the major TV networks.

Hulu has no competitors, they have found their niche in the market and therefore, that makes them highly profitable and highly probable that they will succeed. Now, I am not completely dispelling the possibility that Hulu may accept an extravagant offer, I am just saying it is unlikely and I wouldn’t be on it.

To me, it sounds like one of those hot gossip rumors that was created to trigger the “Wow, Really?” response. We’ll see in the coming weeks whether there is any truth to these reports. Until then.

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