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LulzSec Brazil Takes Down Brazilian Government

It seems like LulzSec is a group of hackers that are spread all over the world, and not just in the previously suspected U.S., Spain, and U.K, but also Brazil. A branch of LulzSec called LulzSec Brazil has taken down the Brazilian government portal and the homepage of the President of Brazil.

It appears that both websites under a packet flood as neither can be reached at the time of this blog. The LulzSec Brazil group started on June 19th, and promised to attack the government of Brazil if they had reached 1,000 followers on Twitter. The group currently has 1,200 followers on Twitter.

As you can see from the video below, the anonymous group is actively recruiting. Will this give the FBI an opportunity to pose as a hacker wanting to join the cause? The group claims that their next move will be to leak all the information they have gathered on torrent websites like thepiratebay.org, as well as their website.

I am not well versed with packet floods, but what can governments and organizations do to protect themselves from attacks? Is the White house website next on the list? I wonder how many attacks it will take before people put their foot down, and what about the Chinese government? I haven’t heard about any hacks on their end yet.

Interestingly, the Anonymous website has a webpage that is under heavy DDoS attacks: http://www.anonnews.org/.

Photo Courtesy of ophelia
Photo Courtesy of andre