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Map Packs, How Do You Feel About Them?

FWD.Channel 5 posed a question earlier today, are map packs really worth the money? Map packs are extensions that are sometimes released for popular games, that include new maps or territories for gamers to play. Although I have heard of single player extensions, map packs are usually for multi-player.

I don’t think there is any one rule that says map packs are worth it or not, but I think it goes on a case by case basis, like many things. One factor is the cost of the map pack, another is the popularity of the game, and yet another factor is the game itself.

If it’s a fun game, people will continue to buy map packs to enjoy playing multiplayer on those new levels. Before my Xbox360 gave me a Red Ring of Death, I had purchased two different map packs for Halo because I played the game everyday and was looking for a new way to ‘spice it up.’

For me, if I have a blast with a game and play it off, I’ll spring for map pack because it usually offers guaranteed satisfaction. Sure, the maps not be as great as you might expect, but it’s still something new to try on something you know you love. So, in short, the answer is yes, they are worth the money! Let us know some of your thoughts @ facebook.com/techmento

Photo Courtesy of dekuwa
Photo Courtesy of cicero