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‘McDonalds’ Virus On The Loose, Not Stomach Related

Researchers at SophosLabs have recently detected a malicious e-mail that has been spammed all over the globe, offering computer users of a coupon for a free McDonalds product.

The “From” address designates [email protected] and the author is “Your McDonalds.” The author’s ‘name’ should be the first clue of legitimacy but if that doesn’t warn you, the strange English should drop a few clues, along with the inappropriately placed exclamation marks.

The malicious e-mail has a trojan virus attached to it. It’s an ‘.exe’ file that has a Word icon, tricking people into thinking that they’re going to open a coupon through Word and print it out for use.

The harmful file is called Troj/BredoZP-DV and is disguised in Invitation_Card.exe. Below, is the original text of the e-mail so you can get an idea of what it looks like, and always be wary of free things on this planet.

McDonalds invites you to The Free Breakfast Day which will take place on 26 June, 2011, in every cafe of ours.

Free Day’s menu!
– Ranch Snack Wrap (Crispy)
– Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips
– Premium Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken
– Strawberry Triple Thick Shake
– McCafe Hot Chocolate

Print the invitation card attached to the letter and show it at the cash desk of any of our restaurants.

Every manager will gladly take your card and issue you a tasty dish of Free Day.
And remember! Free Day is whole five free dishes!

Thank you for your credence.
We really appreciate it.

Photo Courtesy of StephenC
Photo Courtesy of theimpulsivebuy