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Meet The ‘Impression 10’ Tablet

I am pleased to say that there is yet another tablet on the market, called the Impression 10, designed by Leader. Interestingly enough, the Impression 10 is actually a 9.7″ tablet that runs an older 1GHz Samsung processor and Android 2.2 Froyo with a capacitive IPS touch screen.

Although the hardware and software isn’t the latest and greatest, the image quality and touch responsiveness is supposed to be up to par, and with a 1024 x 728 pixel resolution, who’s complaining?

Storage comes with 4GB of space, a microSDHC slot for expansion of up to 32GB of storage and a six hour battery life. No rear-facing camera, so you won’t be holding your tablet up to take a photo, but there is a front-facing 2MP camera so video-conferencing is still possible.

For an outdated processor and operating system, I am not sure $350 is a real deal, but it certainly is an option. If it were me, I would slam down a few more dollars and get the Eee Pad Transformer, but that’s just me. I know a number of people who are dead set on not exceeding a certain amount of money for a particular purchase.

Photo Courtesy of netbooknews
Photo Courtesy of netbooknews

  • Frogswife

    So far so good. I am downloading some books and keeping those files on the Micro HdHc.

  • Sewwhatta

    I am upset that  it  does NOT support Google Play  any idea when this  will be fixed???