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Silicon Valley Startup, Pinger Launches Textfree Web

A Silicon Valley startup, dubbed Pinger, has just launched a free service for sending out text messages over a web browser. The feature is called Textfree Web and will be a great way to cut back on your text messaging for all you heavy texters out there!

With Pinger’s Textfree Web, users can select a local U.S. number and use it to send and receive texts to other mobile numbers online. You can even send texts through the platform to as many as 18 different countries for free, and the service applies to photo messages too!

Textfree Web takes the best of both worlds (Instant Messaging and Text Messaging) and interweaves on a single platform, making it ideal to hold long conversations to your friends who may not have a smartphone nor a data plan.

In fact, with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile’s removal of their unlimited data plans, we may see these types of services flourish more than before. If there was ever a time for Textfree Web to rise, now would be it!

If you’re interested in the service, head on over to Pinger’s website and sign up for free and let us know what you think!

Photo Courtesy of computer
Photo Courtesy of NokiaRSA