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Sprint: AT&T Can Boost Network 6-Fold Without T-Mobile

In what seems like a last ditch effort from Sprint, the wireless carrier offered a solution to AT&T’s weak coverage through an FCC filing. Sprint claims that AT&T could increase its network capacity by 600% by year 2015 simply by making better use of the network resources it has.

Sprint allocates a 250% improvement from AT&T’s unused spectrum for 4G, while introducing a mixed-size network with both large and small cells could boost the network by an additional 300%.

Now, this isn’t Sprint offering advice to a much larger competitor, this is a plain old “it can be done another way” argument that could be a game changer for AT&T.

Sprint further believes that the $39 billion asking price for T-Mobile could be better spent on a massive scale release of LTE, and even give AT&T more network capacity than the T-Mobile merger could give and would be able to start right away on improving its service.

You can view the 80 page report, here, and it makes you wonder how long Sprint actually took to research and draft out that report.

In any case, I think it is a great idea and I think it would be an implementation worth trying out, especially if we can have as many competitors in the wireless industry as possible. More carriers = lower prices and more options for all of us.

Photo Courtesy of macNN
Photo Courtesy of macNN