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Apple LCD TV Displays Coming This Year?

A former Apple executive has claimed that the company’s biggest upcoming product launch will be related to Apple TV displays. Obviously, we haven’t heard anything official from Apple on this yet, but I believe it would be a clever way for Apple to go after more market share in the tech industry.

Although some speculate that Apple will be teaming up with Samsung to provide the physical televisions (rebranded as Apple sets), I find the partnership a bit less likely considering the aggressive lawsuits that have been going on back and forth between the two.

If the rumor is to be believes, Apple will bundle its Apple TV and iTunes inside the television sets, and directly competing with both Netflix and Hulu. Could this have been a reason they asked Hulu to remove the Hulu URL on the Hulu Plus login interface?

If the anonymous source is correct, we could see Apple TVs as early as Q4 of this year and as late as next year, and given Apple’s design-factor, we may be pleased with what we see! Let us know what you think on Twitter (@techmento) and on our Facebook fan page.

Photo Courtesy of larsomat
Photo Courtesy of reality