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Awesome Android Arcade Game: Radiant HD

If you own an Android tablet or Android phone and haven’t found many uses for it yet, know that there are some killer games out there on the Android platform that will be sure to deliver hours of fun. One game in particular, Radiant HD, is an arcade-like game similar to Swarm or Alien Invasion in that your spaceship must fight off rows and trails of aliens.

The game features over 100 levels, over 10 boss fights, with 6 upgradeable weapons and 12 special power-ups. In between the battle sessions and waves of enemies, is a modest and witty storyline, written to keep you in tune.

The game costs $2 US and you can purchase it over the Android Market straight from your phone. I guarantee you’ll have hours of fun. The gameplay is set against ambient electronic music to keep you in the mood for alien-clearing levels.

The story is also in 3 unlockable parts, meant to play in sequence and the player earns credits for killing aliens with tact. The credits can then be used at the “shop” to upgrade weapons, buy lives, etc.

The only drawback of this game is that you cannot restart a level unless you let yourself die first. If you click ‘new game’ by accident, you will be prompted with an ‘Are you sure…’ screen and if you click ‘yes’, the game will reset all your data and you will start from the very beginning.

That’s the only negative about the game, aside from that- it’s a great game and there is a reason why it has nearly 5 stars. And remember, you have 15 minutes to return the app if you don’t like it.

Photo Courtesy of AndroidMarket
Photo Courtesy of AndroidMarket