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Crysis 2 Gets DirectX 11 Support!

Crysis 2, developed by Crytek is touted to be one of the best games of all-time. I am not just saying that as a die-hard fan of the Cry Engine 3, but it really is considered the gold standard in modern graphics.

I am pleased to announce that Crysis 2 now comes with support for DirectX11, offering improved graphics, high resolution texture packages, and making Crysis 2 looking better than ever, especially to those who have the game for PC.

Users will soon be able to download the DX11 Ultra Upgrade add-on directly from Crysis. While the game was originally set to be released on DirectX11, it was switched to DirectX10. My guess, was to ensure support for the console versions.

If you’ve currently got your settings maxed out on your Crysis 2 game, you may need to upgrade your graphics card to make full use of DirectX11. Fortunately, even the medium settings on Crysis 2 looks good. The first Crysis was released in 2007 with the second game arriving four years later.

If you haven’t purchased Crysis 2 yet, I highly recommend getting the game. Players are able to cloak, use heat-seeking vision, dubbed nanovision, and are able to armor up during intense battles. Take a look at the video for some awesome gameplay.

Photo Courtesy of geekygadgets
Photo Courtesy of shedboy