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Euro Parliament Votes In Favor Of Ecommerce Buyer Protection

The European Parliament has recently approved new rules for online shopping. European buyers now have the right to change their minds about an online purchase within two weeks of receiving the goods. The new laws also outlaw the use of pre-ticked boxes on retail websites.

The new laws were swept with approval by a 615 in favor and a 16 against. The previous rules governing ecommerce in Europe, poorly protected its citizens and resulted in 7% of Internet users engaging in online purchases.

Compare that 7% figure with the average number of online buyers (40%) and it leaves not much room to decide otherwise, at least not for the European Parliament. The only products that do not count towards the two week ‘buyers remorse’ period are digital media such as music, films, and software programs.

This of course is to prevent customers from getting a ‘free ride’ with digital content, or purchasing music, copying it and then returning it.

The Council of Ministers is expected to formally sign off on the deal in July and the member states will have a maximum of two years to implement the new law. This is a very significant moment in Europe because with increased buyer protection, you’ll see more sales, and a more robust European and global economy.

Photo Courtesy of europeanparliament
Photo Courtesy of europeanparliament