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Hook Up Your USB Device Directly Into A Wall

If you’re like the millions of people who have limited wall outlets, USB ports, or just want to hook up your USB chargeable device directly into the wall without having to turn on your computer, you might be interested in this.

Originally posted by UberGizmo, ThinkGeek is offering a FlipIt! wall charger that lets you change the faceplate of your current wall outlet to one that supports two USB-ports for charging purposes only.

This is useful as some devices such as mp3 players only come with a data cable that you’re supposed to use to charge your device. Well, what if your laptop is almost out of batteries? How are you going to charge your mp3 player?

This gadget was designed to solve that very problem. If you’re not familiar with replacing a wall outlet, I recommend leaving it to an electrician or a neighbor who is more comfortable with these things.

Or, if you really have that “Do It Yourself” spirit within you, check out the video below on how to replace a standard electrical outlet. I recommend using insulating gloves to ensure that you don’t get unnecessarily shocked, and I’d recommend against it if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can buy it today for $24.99.

Photo Courtesy of thinkgeek
Photo Courtesy of ThinkGeek