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iPhone 5 Rumored To Get Dual LED Flash

Recent market rumors have stated that the iPhone 5 from Apple is likely to come with a dual-LED flash. The top candidates for the dual LED are Everlight Electronics, Edison Opto, and Lite-On Technology.

The rumors had begun when reports about Apple indicated that it had reduced its orders for the production of Lumileds high-power LED flash products from Philips and switched orders for LED flashes to Waiwan makers.

Since the iPhone 5 seems like Steve Jobs brainchild of Apple, I wouldn’t put it passed him that there wouldn’t be a dual LED flash, especially if the phone is going to be equipped with NFC (Near Field Communications).

I believe that the iPhone 4S that will come later this year will just be an iPhone 4 with the latest iOS and the iPhone 5, due next year, will come with all the fixings. After all, Apple has a lot of weight on their shoulders, you would think that they would do their best to make every advancement on the iPhone possible.

Being an Android lover myself, I have to admit that the next generation iPhone is looking better and better each month, and who knows, maybe one day I might switch over.

Photo Courtesy of zero
Photo Courtesy of modrak