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OfficeDrop Transfers Your Data Files Onto The Cloud

A new ‘paperless office’ service called OfficeDrop, now lets you lose the file cabinets and organize everything through cloud storage. OfficeDrop is a multi-user service that includes custom scanning software for Windows, Macs, and Android phones.

Here’s how it works, you begin by scanning a document into OfficeDrop. The application then saves it as a searchable PDF. You can then easily search OfficeDrop with a few key terms to narrow down your search, and the application will pull it up instantaneously.

You can lose the manilla folders today for $10 a month for the basic account (comes with 10GB of cloud storage) or opt for the $20 monthly plan that will allow you to send your documents to the company for them to scan up to 50 pages per month.

Finally, power users can pay $99 a month for 60GB of storage and have 150 pages scanned monthly by the company, or you can scan them yourself if you feel more comfortable.

This is the optimal solution to transfer your hard-cased files into digital files and live in a world without manual searching. While the service seems a bit amateur for larger companies, I am sure that many smaller companies are intrigued by the service and application.

Of course, I’d highly recommend backing the cloud files on an external hard drive in case anything does awry. See the video for the previous version of OfficeDrop.

Photo Courtesy of 427
Photo Courtesy of arjan