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‘Teampoison’ Threatens To Reveal LulzSec Identities

A hacking group in the Netherlands, dubbed teaMp0ison threatens to publish photos, phone numbers, and addresses of LulzSec members in order to give them a taste of their own medicine. The ‘medicine’ refers to what LulzSec did to some of its own members after learning some members went rogue and leaked log files to officials.

Not only does teaMp0ison question the methods of LulzSec but one of the members was also ridiculed by a member of LulzSec and is looking to get revenge.

Of course, there is no guarantee that teaMp0ison is capable of making good on their threat, and for all we know it could just be an empty threat–but at this point, it seems like our best bet of catching the majority of the LulzSec group is by having other hackers help us out.

I don’t think cops have the know-how and technique on finding these guys and at this point, are just working on tipsters (doesn’t exactly work the same when you’re dealing with cyber criminals).

The threat from the Netherlands group comes shortly after UK census data was stolen. In a world of mom’s basements and bruised egos, we hope that these hackers are caught and brought to justice.

Photo Courtesy of lulzsec
Photo Courtesy of nouqraz