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Transfer 50GB Of Data In 2 Minutes, Stream S20 HDD

Silicon Power has just launched the all-new S20, a 2.5″ external hard drive that makes use of the extraordinary USB 3.0 speeds. If you’re unfamiliar with what USB 3.0 can do, it can copy 50GBs of data in just over two minutes.

The device has built-in LED status indicators that notify the user its power and transfer status. Also, the technology is green enough to make sure you don’t unnecessarily keep your external hard drive running all day long.

When there is 10 minutes of inactivity (meaning, no reading or writing), the drive automatically switches to a power saving, hibernation mode- similar to when you tell your computer to sleep.

Hibernation modes are great as they usually only require a watt or two of power, per hour. If 1TB is a little bit above your needs, fear not- the Stream20 also comes in more manageable sizes (500GB, 640GB, and 750GB).

Unfortunately we’re not quite sure about the pricing or availability, but I’d expect these drives to hit shelves in the coming months and be located on the higher end of the cost spectrum. If you’re serious about your data, you’ll go with the Stream S20 when it does come out, you won’t regret it.

Photo Courtesy of techpowerup
Photo Courtesy of techpowerup