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HP Creates App Recommendation Magazine Called “Pivot”

HP is currently working on its own magazine specially designed for its new TouchPad. The publication is called Pivot and its main goal is to help users find new and relevant apps to use.

HP’s TouchPad of course runs on HP’s own operating system, WebOS. The new catalog will contain app information based on interests, lifestyles, and recommendations from the lions den (AKA, the app developers themselves).

I think I am not alone when I say that a lot of people who purchase their first tablet are impressed with the technology but aren’t sure what exactly is on the market in terms of apps. This causes people to just use the tablet for basic uses- checking e-mail, viewing some photos, watching some youtube videos, without any realization that there are a ton of awesome games, useful apps, magazine subscriptions, etc.

The TouchPad from HP is expected to hit store shelves in the U.S. by mid-July and will start at $499. This may the exact pick-me-up you need after a heavy 4th of July weekend! See the video below to get a sneak peak at the upcoming tablet!