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Intel Develops 22nm Haswell CPU For 2013 Launch

Intel is currently working on its 22 nanometer Haswell computer chips that are due to come out in year 2013. Haswell will enjoy the same power-saving technology, known as tri-gate 3D transistor technology that was first developed in accordance with the Ivy Bridge chip.

Intel boasts on its blog that their floating-point multiply significantly increases peak FLOPS (floating operations per second) and provides enhanced precision to improve their mathematics.

The company also noted that the chips operate on scalar 128-bit packaged single and double precision data types and 256-bit single and double precision data types as well. If this all sounds a bit too technical, it probably is. All you need to know is that these chips will be blazing fast, and knowledge of Haswell might have you waiting out till 2013 for a new computing machine.

The Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors will be out of lifecycle by then so if you’re one of those future-proofing types, you may want to keep your eyes out for next generation technology.

To all the custom PC builders out there, do you think DDR3 RAM will be obsolete in 2013 also? Will we be operating on DDR4 or DDR5 RAM? Let us know what you’re most excited for @techmento on our Twitter feed or “like” us on Facebook on our fan page.

Photo Courtesy of starmama
Photo Courtesy of Intel