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Man Pleads Guilty To Hacking 120K iPad Subscribers

A 26 year old man has recently pleaded guilty to writing code used to steal e-mail addresses and information from over 120,000 Apple iPad subscribers from AT&T computer servers.

His name is Daniel Spitler and he resides in San Francisco. Spitler surrendered to authorities in January and pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to gain unauthorized access to computers connected to the Internet and guilty to one count of identity theft.

While plea bargains usually offer lighter sentences, each charge carries a maximum of five years in prison. My guess is he will get out in three. Like LulzSecurity, Spitler was a member of a loosely organized hacking community called Goatse Security.

Although I do feel bad that Spitler was the only one was caught (I wish they all were), we live in a society that has consequences, both good and bad. As an adult (as soon as we hit 18 years of age), it is our responsibility to monitor our actions and be wary of various consequences of our behavior.

While it is sometimes hard to exercise good judgment when one is 18, due to a brain that is not yet fully developed (the prefrontal cortex, to be specific), we still have a duty to ourselves and our family to be careful of how we behave. It’s better to stop now before it’s too late, than being filled with regret for the rest of your life.

Photo Courtesy of dave
Photo Courtesy of ninja