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Meet The Magic Glove: A 2-in-1 Duster + Cleaner

There is a new concept device out on the block called the Magic Glove, that vacuums and dusts all at once. The idea is to hook up the mechanism to your wrists and begin swiping away at whatever needs cleaning.

While it certainly is compact and futuristic, it still looks like a toy, and will no doubt have you on your knees performing scrubbing movements with your hands, given that you’ll only use your arms to clean.

That said, we’re not sure if it’s good to vacuum floors unless you enjoy being on your hands and knees all day. It does however seem ideal for cleaning pianos, computers, desks, tables, window sills, or anything that can get dirty really- car interiors, you name it!

The gadget also comes with a rechargeable battery making it convenient to bring it with you wherever you go. Now, this doesn’t exactly strike me as the type of gadget that will hit the masses anytime soon.

We might end up seeing these commercials come up right after those silly Billy Mays re-run infomercials, but what do you think, is this something you might get? Let us know your thoughts @techmento on Twitter or talk to us on Facebook (facebook.com/techmento).

Photo Courtesy of technabob
Photo Courtesy of technabob