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Obama Plans Cyber Attacks, While 62K Logins Are Leaked

President Obama has signed executive orders that outline how far the U.S. military can go with cyber attacks. The Obama administration believe that the current cyber attacks are just one step away from being full blown attacks and outline the current state of affairs of American cyber security.

Obama plans on using cyber attacks in the Middle East both for offensive and defensive measures, such as unleashing a virus on the enemy’s network or taking down the entire network.

In support of Obama’s efforts, the Pentagon has developed a list of cyber-weapons and tools, including viruses that can sabotage foreign critical infrastructure. The Whitehouse also would like publicly traded companies to be required* to disclose information of cyber attacks so others can take preventative measures to protect their business.

Not only does this create a transparency for the American people but it also helps the rest of the country prevent the same attack from occurring again. It makes more sense to me to reverse-engineer a virus to attackers from allied countries than attack our own people, obviously.

I just hope the U.S. government doesn’t wait too long before trying harder. LulzSec has just hacked the Arizona Police Department out of revenge for the department using racial profiling to assist them in captures.

Just this morning, LulzSec also dumped 62,000 Facebook, PayPal, and Xbox Live logins onto the Internet. How much destruction will the U.S. government tolerate before taking action?

Photo Courtesy of jamesrea
Photo Courtesy of cayaofm