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Change Trains At High Speeds Via Boarding Dock

A man by the name of Paul Priestman used his Industrial design skills when he conceived of two trains, running continuously, that would allow passengers to switch trains even while moving at high speeds.

I am sure we have all seen this in some movie, where a character jumps between two moving cars, trains, buses, what have you–the only difference with this concept is that this would be safe and not trigger a ton of adrenaline while you switch trains.

His main motivation for designing these train cars was simply that it was inefficient to stop a train for *any period of time at a train stop, allowing people to board and depart the train. Will this concept really save time? Yes and no. For the people that live nearby the originating station, where all passengers board the train, this concept would save them a lot of time.

But what about the people who live far from the originating point? Rather than simply boarding the train at one of its stops, it would have to travel all the way to the point of origin to board, thus losing time and money.

Therefore, I can only see this train idea being practical on long stretches of nothingness, such as the central portion of California where there are nothing but cow farms and overpriced gas stations. We’ll see if this idea is implemented within the next 50 years.

Photo Courtesy of UberGizmo
Photo Courtesy of nolife