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GeoHotz Found A Job At Facebook

It looks like Zuckerberg saw something in well known hacker, George Hotz (GeoHotz) after Hotz hacked the Sony Playstation 3 and got considerable attention from Sony. It wasn’t long though, until Sony dropped the case when they realized Hotz had a secret network of alliances, then known as the anonymous hacking group (and later redubbed Lulz Security).

George Hotz started working for Facebook in May when he was offered a job, but had not publicly announced it until June 17th. His Facebook profile is further confirmation that he is not joking.

We are not sure exactly what Hotz is doing at Facebook, but I think it’s safe to say that he is working with Facebook’s security or something to do with preventing other people to hack the social media platform.

I think this is very smart on Zuckerberg’s part, A) it keeps Hotz out of trouble , B) great source of real income for the troublemaker and C) it ensures that Facebook is getting hacked by a real hacker and not just some recent grad with a computer science degree.

Maybe Sony regrets not offering him a job instead? Then again, probably not. I’d imagine it’d be hard to trust someone who hacked the brain child of your organization, and leaked the details all over the web.

Photo Courtesy of LaughingSquid
Photo Courtesy of anthony