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3 Students Drop Out To Create Academic Software

TechCrunch reports that three students from the University of Pennsylvania have recently quit school to pursue their own startup. The product? CourseKit, an online platform that will allow professors to better manage their classes, and it works similar to the current course management software, Blackboard.

Having graduated University within the past year, I have used Blackboard and while slightly disorganized, I’ve found it to be ‘useful’ enough to grab documents, download my syllabi, and get the homework readings. I mean, who needs anything more? Just get the assignments, page readings, and begin to hit the books, right?

Well, that strategy worked for me, but I realize it doesn’t work for everyone. Unlike Blackboard, CourseKit, will have a heavy presence in social media, integrated into the content management software.

Users will be able to share documents, videos, links, and PDF files with one another in an effort to create an academic hub where all classmates can join in, even the professor.

I have to admit, it sounds kind of cool and I wonder if any of my future grad school professors will adopt the system. In any case, I am glad to see more competitors in the academic space, rather than it being dominated by a single teaching platform. The three young men have since raised $1 million in seed funding and I wish the students much success.

Photo Courtesy of coursekit
Photo Courtesy of garret