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Apple Prevents Users From Downgrading iOS

Apple will no longer let users roll their iPhone operating systems (iOS) back to previous versions to prevent them from jailbreaking the smartphone. Apple plans on implementing the new security feature as soon as iOS 5 is launched.

The term jailbreaking means to hack your operating system so you can unlock special features, software capabilities, and sometimes hardware capabilities as well. The good news is that the security feature will only be installed in versions iOS 5 and future versions of the iOS. iOS 4 will still be able to be jailbroken as well as any Apple devices of the current generation or a previous generation.

While that may be a good bit of news for the next couple years, the hardware will no doubt go obsolete eventually, which may possible leave users to go with other, hackable devices.

Do you think this will have any effect on whether a consumer will choose to buy an Apple product? I, personally do not jailbreak the items I buy because I don’t really see a need to. Although, I do know a good number of people who feel that it is “their right” to do whatever they’d like to their own hardware and software, and to tell you the truth, I kind of agree with them.

Photo Courtesy of bwana
Photo Courtesy of bendodson