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Facebook Scam: Photographer Committed Suicide After Shooting Video

If you use Facebook, you might already be aware of the new scam going around that attempts to get you to click through it. The ad reads something like “Photographer committed SUICIDE 3 days after shooting THIS video!” and is followed by a link.

Of course, you can guess where the link leads to- a message that says “This really must have been an awkward moment” followed by a Share link that is written in the Finnish language.

The victim is then asked to input his or her age, supposedly to determine if the person is old enough to see the video, but is then redirected to a survey where the scammer gets money for each survey that is completed.

Best thing to do when you see this on Facebook is to report it to Facebook security and then check your own wall to see if it automatically posted to your wall, this way you can delete it.

The whole process of creating a scam like this is called social engineering. The prime goal of social engineering is to create a scam or a link that intrigues people or makes them want to click. This is how malware is distributed, surveys are filled, etc. The process isn’t new, and it’s been around even ten years ago when you’d get a pop up saying “You’ve won 1 million dollars. Click here to claim your prize!”

Photo Courtesy of robo
Photo Courtesy of anita