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LaCie Teams Up With Porsche To Deliver Awesome HDDs

Not long after we covered the LaCie cloudblox, it looks like LaCie has teamed up with Porsche with the awesome new Porsche-designed hard drives.

The mobile hard drive is dubbed the P9220 and the desktop version, the P9230. Each model will of course have the ultra fast USB 3.0 interface, and has looks so sharp, even Apple will have a run for its money.

The aluminum chassis not only dissipates heat efficiently, but is also 100% recyclable making this an environmentally friendly accessory to your computer. The mobile hard drives come in 500GB and 1TB capacities with a 750GB median set to come out later on.

The desktop hard drives offer a bit more space and currently come in a single TB or a double TB HDD configuration. Judging solely by the looks, these hard drives look like they will cost upwards of $200, but in fact the base model starts at just $105, making it highly affordable and an excellent purchase if you’ve wanted to experience the pure bliss of using USB 3.0 technology.

With USB 3.0 speeds, you will be able to transfer 50GB of data in just over 2 minutes, making it extremely useful to transfer a large number of movies, music- or backing up your entire computer with the click of a button.

Photo Courtesy of ubergizmo
Photo Courtesy of mindgraph