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Learn How A Hybrid Engine Works!

By now, you’ve definitely heard about hybrid vehicles, but do you know how they work? Well, a hybrid vehicle uses a mixture of gasoline and electricity. The electric part of the engine gets the vehicle started and the gas kicks in once the vehicle reaches a certain speed.

The concept is fairly easy to understand, but a graphic posted by AutoMD explains the procedure in depth. If you’re not in the mood for reading a colorful chart, I’ll summarize it for you.

The electric motor powers the car and keeps it running until the vehicle reaches a speed of 15 miles per hour, when it then switches to gasoline. As you can guess, this makes a hybrid car a smart choice for living in the city where there are lots of stops.

Even during heavy acceleration, both the engine and the electric motor work simultaneously to increase power to the wheels. This is also the same time where the gasoline powers the generator (it recharges the electric motor).

When the vehicle hits a stop, it runs solely on battery power, and when you hit the brakes, the engine and electric motor both stop fueling the wheels and instead re-charge the generator. This is how hybrids commonly give consumers 40+ miles per gallon, versus 15-20.

Photo Courtesy of BART
Photo Courtesy of Toyota