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Outrageously Offroad: New Dirt 3 Racing Game

Dirt 3 is the latest in Codemaster’s long line of rally games that earlier bore Colin McRae’s name.

Events include your usual races, drifting events, head to head races and gymkhana a new addition that requires you to complete a set number of stunts such as smashing blocks and performing spins.

In order to progress to the next season, you need to complete a mandatory final event placing in the top three to continue, quite unlike the open world feel that the Dirt 2 had. This aside, it’s quite well structured and barring the irritating voiceovers, it has the adequate amount of diversity to keep you wanting for more even after you’re done which is why we’re thankful for the online modes that are nothing short of awesome.

Taking Dirt 3 online is a hilarious experience simply because of the crazy things you can do. There’s a capture the flag multiplayer mode, an outbreak mode featuring zombies and an invasion mode having you and your buddies destroying robots. Yes, you read right.

This is perhaps the only racing game that features zombie infections and robots, making it a lot more fun than the usual race to the finish line that most other developers are happy with offering us. The graphics are great too, making good use of their in-house Ego engine tech to create a smooth, good looking game.

Other games aspire to do this but Dirt 3’s tracks, conditions and AI end up making it easier to make you realize that each moment is as tense as the last if not more so.

Our only grouse with Dirt 3 is that it lacks the social networking aspects that games such as Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit brought to the table which adds to the addiction you’d always end up checking your friend’s performance in an attempt to best it. While you can upload your races to YouTube, and the game encourages you to do this often, it isn’t the same.

To sum it up Dirt 3 is a fantastic game and lives up to Codemaster’s reputation of creating great racers. This ain’t something to miss out on if you love racing games.

Photo Courtesy of thisismyjoystick

Photo Courtesy of RobbyGreen
Photo Courtesy of Mjacobo