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Windows 8 Due On April 2012

According to reports, it looks like Windows 8 may be arriving as soon as April 2012. The rumor came from a trusted source that has confirmed the soon release.

The same source also states that there will be no pre-beta build, but instead just a simple beta build. This data makes a lot of sense considering that the next Eee Pad Transformer is set to release by summer 2012 and is supposed to run Windows 8. This would give Windows 8 a month or two of shelf life before being installed on new Windows 8 tablets.

Of the new features in Windows 8 is a new user interface which takes elements from the company’s Windows Phone 7 software. Microsoft will also allow users to launch applications from a tile-based start screen rather than the traditional Windows Start menu.

The supposed “heart of the experience” will be the future Internet Explorer 10, although I can never envision “Internet Explorer” being at the heart of anything good! In fact, I haven’t used IE in about 7 years. Unless of course, I had used it to download Chrome or Firefox!

All jokes aside, there is no doubt much excitement over the upcoming Windows software and hopefully the early adopters will write some thorough reviews that will clue us in on whether this next gen OS will be one that is worth the money. Can’t wait to see Windows 8 come out on the Dell Adamo!

Photo Courtesy of teujeune
Photo Courtesy of neville