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Asus Set To Launch Chromebook In Coming Months

It looks like Asus has some new tricks up its sleeve. The electronics company is apparently working on another ARM-powered laptop with a 13″ screen. The awesome new device is set to launch by the end of this year and will run the Google Chrome operating system.

To power it, will be a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor and is expected to cost under $300, making it an affordable little toy to play with for the Christmas holiday, and cheap enough to justify buying yourself a Christmas gift.

The device itself should be sleek and slender, but will be optimal to be used in doors where there is a WiFi connection present. Since the laptop is a virtual paperweight without the Internet, you’re going want to make sure it stays connected to the web.

If you’re looking for something that acts more like a computer, I would suggest checking out the new Tablet PCs or netbooks from Newegg.com.

If you’re one of those tech junkies like I am you will grab a chrome book and see what it’s all about. Worst case scenario is that you’ll end up selling it on eBay for 80% of the price you paid for it. So what’s it going to be, is this Asus chromebook for you?

Photo Courtesy of Techiser
Photo Courtesy of hedrin