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FlashSoft Raises $3 Million In Funding

Flashsoft, a company founded in November 2009, provides software that allows data center administrators to direct data from a server, to a flash-based solid state drive. The transition to solid state drives allow the data to move closer to the processor, and with the Flashsoft software, applications are able to run faster.

The software is similar to what memcached does for web servers. Flashsoft has recently raised $3 million in funding led by Thomvest Ventures.

The ambitious startup already has customers too, with Zenprise and Trion Worlds being the top two. Interestingly, a similar startup called IO Turbine seeks to do work very similar to Flashsoft, but the only problem is that IO Turbine hasn’t released any of its software yet.

Do I smell lawsuits over the horizon? In either case, it does bring an interesting turn in the way we use technology. Perhaps companies will switch their data centers entirely to solid state drives, maybe when they come down in cost?

Could CAM be the next type of storage space, touted to work as fast as RAM? It would be interesting to see traditional hard drives go extinct, SSDs becoming the norm, and CAM becoming the extremely overpriced storage solution. Send us some comments on twitter.com/techmento or at facebook.com/techmento

Photo Courtesy of halfempty
Photo Courtesy of kisocci