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Google+, The Golden Ticket To Social Media?

In Google’s desperate effort in going social, the company has just launched a new platform called Google+. Okay, so first off- just going off the name you’ve got a well branded product, Google, and a simple “+” symbol indicating that this is something bigger than Google (the no. 1 search engine on the planet).

Going past the obvious, we learn more about the new platform, which in essence, is intended to mimic natural human interaction.

With Google+, users can declare that they are ‘hanging out’ at a particular location, allowing others to join them in an informal and casual kind of way. The new service also has a chat function (just like Facebook has) that allows users to coordinate with one another before meeting up for a big event.

Also, rather than being an entirely separate product, users will see Google+ toolbars on many webpages, and an integration into services such as Google Maps, where directions can be easily shared with other people.

Probably the coolest feature of Google+ is that your social networking messages are only shared with a specific audience, rather than to the whole Internet (as Twitter is)–this is cool for a number of reasons, but most of all, you won’t have to worry about your ex knowing where you are!

Photo Courtesy of carlos
Photo Courtesy of jarden