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Meet Swoop The Owl, Your iPhone’s Protector

If you sleep with your iPhone, or iPod Touch, you’re not alone, but what can you do to protect your phone from falling off the bed while you doze off? Jim McGraw wanted to find the solution to that very problem and invented a plush owl called Swoop the Owl.

The idea is very simple, just plop your iPhone into the Owl’s pouch and begin using. The kickstarter project currently has less than two weeks remaining and is nearly 25% funded.

The plush toy is also great for kids for those long road trips when you’re worried that your little 4 year old may spill his juice all over the iPhone. With the plush toy, you’ll have some reassurance that your iPhone will not be completely wrecked by the time you get it back.

Small enough to tote in a carry on bag or pack in a suitcase, the Swoop also makes a great pillow when you’re on the plane and want to save your neck from a sleep injury.

For just a $25 pledge you can ensure that you get one of these swoops once it has been produced and for $150, you’ll get the awesome new companion at a price of $15 each- perfect for small stores, or those who want to ensure that the project goes through! See the video below to get a summary from the founders.

Photo Courtesy of cnwk
Photo Courtesy of ndomer